/ 7.08.2012 /

I used to love everything colorful. I liked to wear too many colors on my outfits. Yes, I was. Now, since I keep growing up, I like to wear something simple. It makes me wear boring outfits (okay, I know that it happen also because I'm too lazy to think about what to wear, so simple things do really help). And I also really like toys. I like to play dolls, also guns (with water on it, exactly). If somebody ask me to do that again, definitely I'll say yes. But since people get older, they have different ways of 'playing'. We don't play anything that we did when we were kid. I think people is more into technology now. I'm wondering whether kid play hide and seek or not nowadays. I think they'll prefer to play Angry Birds. I don't really know. All my nieces do is watching TV. Or playing with water or her toys (I think that playing with water is a very next level of playing when you're kid. I mean, if you do not have enough responsibility, parents would prohibit you to do that. Maybe they afraid that kid gonna drink it). I do really love my childhood.


/ 7.05.2012 /

I got this ring from Helen's giveaway (thank you very much, Helen!). For once, I was lucky. I don't really know whether is it normal or not, but I do think about luck too much. Everything has its own luck. So does number. 4 isn't my number and sometimes (or many times) it is a bad luck number. 3 is kind of my number. I always think that way. But many times, 2 prove that it is also my number. Since I broke one of the the flower, the ring has three flowers now. And it is become my lucky ring since then.

PS. I feel so uninspired these past weeks. I know that there is something wrong with me, but I'm not sure exactly what it is.

Hey, Cherries!

/ 6.01.2012 /

This is not cherry, by the way. But, they are from the same genus I guess. They are called kersen. Do you know this? Please tell me. I just wondering that maybe they are only exist in my life.

PS. My exam is over. But I'm gonna have a test at Monday. So, ugh, I can't stop studying.
PPS. I just broke my card reader which is not a good thing. I hate myself, sometimes.

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proudly present
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