is it just me or you too?

/ 9.22.2011 /
as a girl, a teenager, and a student. there are the whole thing that stole my attention. yeah, the internet! i can't study the powerpoint without open the google chrome which is means interneting a lot without study. internet, i wanna blame you but i need you and i love you. you're the truly genius thing ever.

talking about genius, i am a genius. sometimes. when i do something right, without wrong. when i do something perfect. there is nothing perfect, i know. but we try, right?

so, this is the girl. the girl that kinda like me (?) okay, not like me. but she has my soul. SOUL. i have soul, dude. okay, i am not sarcastic. i am just babbler. i talked too much (?)

here is she, KRYSTEN RITTER!!! an actress and musician.

all photos by the selby

i really like her music, Ex Vivian. you really should hear it! so much great. i like all the song! and i like her to be the best friend of the main character. Suze! i mean Suze. i always want a best friend like her. and she is kind of loving girl.

love is love. love is love. love is love.

PS. too bad the photos are blurry. too bad. the photos are great.


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