Celebrating Colors

/ 6.19.2011 /
Our life contains Party Colors.

Pattern Play
Photography : Hadi Cahyno
Stylist : Lily M.
Model : Anastasiya (Heruko Model)
Makeup and hairdo : Nana W2 Salon

As seen at Cosmopolitan March 2010. Pictures via Lily M. in www.behance.net

The left picture is my favorite. ALERT : Blue shirt! It goes with everything. And the little floral shoulder bag is very cute!

Left. ALERT : The wedge is superb! Right. ALERT : Stripes Fuchsia Top and Grey Blazer. Fabulous!

Right. ALERT : Maxi skirt. It is on-the-top-trend right now.

Can you see the energy of this pictures? I like pictures that captured true expressions. Big and true smiles. Sometimes, I saw people didn't smile that came from their heart. I called it fake smile.

PS. Today is Father Day. I am so happy for it. It makes me think how lucky I am to get my daddy.



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