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/ 6.09.2011 /
All I need are Kickers and Crocs!

red flats - Fleurette
But I can't resist cute shoes. Hehehe.

Today I went to mall with my niece. We found many great things. One of it is I found a really, really comfort shoes! Flats, wedge, and heels. All come from KICKERS. I tried on Kickers and it was so comfort. Really really comfortable. I want you, Kickers! At my town, you can find Kickers at Shoe Line, Centro Dept. Store, and Matahari Dept. Store. But, they are not update about Kickers new arrival. This is a mistake, believe me. Buyer of all shoe store, please provide us the last collection. We want everything update, don't we? Yes, we are.
So true that everyday we need Kickers. It is so comfort!

And let's talk about Crocs. First, I don't like it. It is a fail for me. But their last collection is kinda awesome. I need a pair of Crocs, actually. But I resist it because I told people that I hate Crocs. Then, I know where is my fault. Don't say you hate a brand, maybe next time they'll make a great things. Just say that you don't like this or that shoes. I'll say it loudly, "I need Crocs and I want it. They are good."

Hello Kitty. How cute! Good job, Crocs.

I can say that all I want now is : Kickers and Crocs. Kickers because I need shoes that is so comfortable  and give me no pain. Crocs because I live at tropis country which means there are a lot of rain.

I know what I need. I hope I can close my eyes to anything else. I'll close my eyes! Which is too difficult to me. Very difficult.

I hope you have a great and wonderful day.



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