Fashion for Yohji Yamamoto

/ 9.07.2011 /
Guru in a Foreign World, an interview by Claudia Riedel.

He is more wise when he said he hates fashion, the world of fashion exactly (NOT FASHION) . He hates it because fashion sighs after trends. People, can you differentiate between the fashion and trends? That is very different. Fashion come first, trends come second.
Well, i know what is the point. Tanya Gold is less precise to figure it out why she hates fashion.

Something interesting about the interview.
1. "Minimalism is just another word for sloth." Yes, it is! It is boring anyway.
2. "I found Adidas pleasantly unfashionable. Nike was always too fashionable, too fast for me." Actually I do not think that far. I want a pair of Nike (one is enough) because it is so comfort (my old Nike is kinda pathetic, so a new pair means it replace the old one). Why I do not interested at Adidas? I have friend who have it, to find out it is broken for a year (yeah, around that).

I have a friend who really follow all trends. I think it is stupid (I am sorry). Why don't you find your style? (Maybe i should emphasize that fashion, trend, and style is different).


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