i never dress up at my past school. i wore uniform, you know

/ 9.12.2011 /
That is so fun to read Today, I Am a Freshman. I never get these feeling. I never afraid of how I looked at my first day of school. I was excited, but I didn't scared. I didn't care about my clothes or everything.
I remember my first day of my kindergarten. I couldn't sleep. My sisters woke up early, prepared everything (my sisters is so cool! hi sis, i love you). I said that I was so excited (my really first day of school!) to my sister. She laughed. Then I fell a sleep. I had a dream. There was a vampire chased me (absolutely not Edward Cullen). I run run run run run. Then I woke up, took a bath, wore my first uniform, so happy. My kindergarten life was creepy. Yeah, I am freak (until now) but I don't care (speaking of freak, it makes me remember about Little Miss Sunshine which I want to watch and this song).

For my first day of school, I'd love to dress up like this :

Yacco wore COMME des GARÇONS top via droptokyo.com
I like droptokyo.com better than tokyofashion.com because it is more 'normal' (something that my environment can accept). tokyofashion.com is very Harajuku (where you can see girls dress up at Victorian costumes).

"People really have a way of maxing prints and colors, and I always feel undressed when I'm there (Tokyo)," Jason Wu.

Today, I don't know what happen with me but I just make two drawings (I am proud of this!). My scanner is weird.

I am bad at editing photo. So bad. I did it without Photoshop (i used Paint) (okay, LIAR) ( i used Photofiltre which is confusing just like Photoshop but better because I can do this).

I know that you're much more better than me. I am weird, remember?


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