in the morning when i am so cheesy

/ 9.21.2011 /
7.21 am. so, i start writing this post at that time. THAT TIME. time that i should prepare for my class, and everything. i am so cheesy today. and it is not good because i am not gonna do anything today except sleep and read some post at oh dude, i am die! can you see it?

From Petra’s “School Spirit” photo shoot.
i have no interest today. i just wanna skip this day. i wish i have time-machine or something like that (the idea of time-machine always makes me happy). i miss my holiday with nothing to do. really really nothing to do. so, i'll go to my sister house and disturb the kids. ha! i bully them (of course not. i love them).

see? i am so cheesy today. i call it teenage-angst-situation. i have many things to do today but i lost the interest. books, magazine, and something around my college (uni, if you are at UK) do not make me interest any more. i hate it that i am bored with everything at college. all i want to do right now is watch tv with my dad, go to my sister house, read some more article on the internet without college related. i don't know how to cheer me up. when i was at elementary school, if school bored me, i'll gonna skip the day and stayed at home. but i can't do it anymore. college is suck (i'm sorry to tell you this).

i call this one cute rebel :

so cool so nice so rad via
red hair is rad! and so rebel. well, my sister gonna kill me if i do red hair but the idea is good. i wanna be a punk when i am freshman. now, i don't know. i am moody person. sometimes moody is bad. when i have bad day, i gonna be so down and cheesy and sad and not good. ah, teenage-angst-situation. i am growing up for i-don't-know. i have no plan. maybe my daddy has plan for me, but i don't know.

well, back at today. today i wanna stay at home. see? home always comfort me. especially my room with the messy boom but  don't care. i love my room.

okay, maybe this boy at my college gonna cheer me up.

Mikael via

too bad he is not at my college, even my life! mikael, can i send you love letter? i hate it when my crush is away from my real life! he is too far. i hope you can be my drug or something (ah, i become cheesy again).

by the way people, can you see that i am so interested at Comme des Garcons? mikael wore it! so mikael, will you spare the shirt with me? (now, i become so not realistic).

i hope you have better morning than mine, people.


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