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/ 9.13.2011 /
I want to show you my favorite editorial with my favorite girl, Kate Talanova! (Kate, I love you! I am so happy when you gave me wall on facebook!) (I am not on facebook for now) (facebook is not everything, my friend).

Photographer: Adi Nugroho
Digital imaging artist: Andrea Marpaung
Model: Kateryna Talanova
Make up artist: Qiqi Franky and Team
Assistant fashion editor: Marsya Labde

Something that make me want to make this post is SUDDENLY I DANCE WHEN I HEAR God Help The Girl. When I should study for my test, I couldn't handle my self not to dance. You should hear them because they are so fabulous! Stuart Murdoch is genius to make this musical project. If you have no idea who is he, he is leader of Belle and Sebastian. Don't know this band? They're part of OST Juno who sing Piazza, New York Catcher. Still have no idea? Google it.

And another great thing about this editorial is THERE ARE MANY LOCAL PRODUCT THERE. Cotton Ink, Antyk Butyk, Allura Design, Nikicio, and UP shoes.

  • Cotton Ink. It come from two friends, Carline and Ria (how sweet!) They called their collection as casual with a twist. There are a lot pastel colors. So girly, so fresh! They are the it shop for now. You should be fast to order from their website (or go to their shop which is far from my house, different town you know) before everything is sold out. You don't want it, yes? Kate also be model there! For me, Cotton Ink is about comfort and feminine.
  • Antyk Butyk. Many people like it. I like Colours of Fabrics, not all actually. I like number 4 and 8. I want to be honest that I only like several from their collection.
  • Allura Design. Allura is about flower. It is so girly girl accessories. They provide headband, hairclip, and necklace. So beautiful. You can see from girls from the lookbook that they are very happy to wear Allura piece (I bet you'll do too). Why you're not happy to wear beautiful piece? (especially from Allura. I WILL). When I saw their collection, all I want is wear beautiful dress and the headband (which look like flower crown) then go picnic! (my life gonna be HAPPILY EVER AFTER).
  • Nikicio. To be honest, their shirt become my obsession! Finally, last month I got the-piece-that-I-wanted-for-life. It is a black shirt! The back is longer than the front which is so cool and makes me so Tokyo-ish. I got the shirt at Centro Dept. Store. Last Thursday, I went to Centro to see some Nikicio but unfortunately it was gone! (WHYYYYYY???) I want some more! It is so versatile, so comfort, SO ME!
  • UP shoes. It is Diana Rikasari shop. I decided to buy a Stella Red which is quite good. They provide many cute sandals. You'll like it if your life means cuteness. Ribbon, flower, and colorful.

I can make an essay if I want. But this is so late night and I should sleep or I gonna be late for my class. Holiday is over. OVER.


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