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/ 10.08.2011 /
this weekend i do not need to hurry to do my task. i have task, absolutely. but i did it long time ago. and i wait a friend to complete it. i am not cheat. that is just okay.

this is so clever! shirt underneath the dress.

i had wore three layers one day. shirt + cardigan +jacket. and my friends thought that i was crazy or something. i need winter! that is why live at tropic country is not so fun.

All pictures photographed by Zachary Handley via Fashion Gone Rogue

i went to bookstore today and found me wanna buy many books, uni related. this fact surprise me, actually. oh my, i really really love books. love that comfort me. i'll tell you something. one day, i thought i like a man (he is seems so gentle, but i don't know at all. i don't change my mind yet). but suddenly, i get some fact that is silly for me. that is not silly for any body else, only me no more. i live at comfort zone there. when i decided to love someone, it means i leave my comfort zone. then i realized that my comfort zone is much better than something else. i love my life. but sometimes my life is too plain until i wanna scream out loud. i didn't, of course. that is only at my mind. 
good news! a friend decided to make zine with me. i am so happy. we need some more people. if you're at my town, you can email me.
by the way, do you know about COMMONUNCOMMON? this is so cool! you should read it.


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