sunday is candy day

/ 10.08.2011 /
i decided to buy some candies today (Rookie, you really got me!). i didn't want to buy chocolate. i wanna buy M&M's but the store didn't have it, so i bought Yupi and Skittles (oh my, the web is so awesome!).

skittles make love colony! how sweet.

i like both so much! i eat yupi since i was a child. yupi have many shape. there are crocodile, burger, etc. i bought Strawberry Kiss which has love shape. how cute! this candy is sweet and easy-to-chew. skittles is sweet and sour. do you read 'taste the rainbow' at the bottom of the package? i eat all the colors (yellow, green, orange, red, and purple) and feel the 'rainbow'.

so how about your candy day? do you have it?


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