i do not think that you are enemy or what. you are you. i am me.

/ 10.06.2011 /

do you know when you already born
do you know this is the way it would be
do you know when you already born
you were already you and i already me

Take Me As I Am - Au Revoir Simone

Rodarte! i thought i got this image from FotoDecadent

MIU MIU!!! The Prophet - Tatler Hong Kong May 2010. photographed by Baldovino Barani via FotoDecadent

Lindsey Wixson. Purple Fashion F/W 2011. photographed by Terry Richardson via Fashion Gone Rogue

that is not a big problem if we are different. the way you act to people is a way so important. i always should be nice to people (a polite reason), even in a bad mood. acceptance is expensive, people. do you realize it? some people who have high tolerant is awesome because there are too many people who only think about their self. that is good and bad. you decide.
today some friends and i went to a friend home to attend a funeral (we was late). i like the long way to get there. traffic drove me crazy, but it was okay. i'll do the same thing again and never regret it. some trouble in the way was only problem in the way. no matter what happened before, we arrived at our destination and happy about it. i really wanna do some long journey. i'll love it a lot. the panic, the traffic, the wait, the happiness. don't you think that it is lovely?
recently, we talked about boys, relationship, friends, and something related. oh my, it should be fun if one of my friend get marry really soon. really soon! i can't wait it. attend to friend wedding, how is it feel? lot of joy?

Dior Couture. Image via Alix Bancourt edited with Poladroid.

talking about my life there, i am okay. i am in love. with Miu Miu!!! (i am obsessed, baby).


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