girl, i am okay. thank you.

/ 10.05.2011 /
yeah, finally i finish my task for today. i spend my time too much on the internet (my daddy called it 'waste'). task and test are not my favorite. for me, it 'waste' my time. my dad and i have different meaning of 'waste'. my opinion is better!

Image from Lula edited with Poladroid.

oh girl, your glasses is so fetch! i want it, i want it, i want it (if i say it three times, i wish it was there magically) (actually it doesn't work. i had try). the earrings remind me of Andie (Pretty in Pink). i'll show you some of my favorite outfits from the movie.

All pictures taken with PhotoScape from the movie, edited with Photofiltre.

Iona remind me of Dauntra (I hope you read Ready or Not, a book by Meg Cabot) and the popular girl remind me of Lana Weinberger (I hope you read Princess Diaries too, especially Princess in Pink. Meg Cabot wrote it too). I know that Meg Cabot got so much inspiration from Princess in Pink. Mia Thermopolis is obsessed to this movie.
Andie is just a teenager. She is happy, sad, angry, just like us. She is not angel who never do something bad. Not that bad. Then, I think about Duckie and Blane, Duckie again, then Steff, then Blane. Blane is cute! Duckie has his own style which is good because he make the scene not boring. Iona did it better actually. From a punk, a pretty girl, she can be everything! Iona is kind of moody girl. She dress up depend on her mood.
Andie is very careful to pick color. Like she wore black glasses + black earrings. Or pink earrings + pink cardigan. She is girly! She wore pants too, but at least she is girly. Not tomboy (before I watch the movie, I thought she is kind of tomboy). And I like the glasses! Cat glasses!!! I really want it (so, now you know that I want many things. thanks God, my brain doesn't explode yet).

school is not the hardest thing ever. just have fun. but pretend happy all the time is not good if you're sad. that is okay to be sad, angry, and anxious. we're human being.


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