so you called me loser, do you think i care about it?

/ 10.04.2011 /
actually, no. i don't care if you call me ugly, loser, coward, disgusting, or everything.

From Petra’s "Teen Witch" photo shoot.

Me : I don't wanna do that.
Friend #1 : You should! It never gonna make you die.
Me : Uhhh, I don't know (means : I don't care)
Friend #2 : It's not a matter if you're wrong.
Friend #3 : Oh, come on!
Me : ......
Friend #2 #3 #4 make some L
Me : I really don't know (it is because my hands was sweating)
Friend #3 : You're a ....... (I can't hear what she said)
Me : Okay, I'll do that. Umm, what do you say?
Friend #3 : You're loser (make the L-hand just like on Glee)
Me : (Actually I don't care about it)

My daddy never talk about bully. There are some people that kind of bullies. Many times, I feel that I am so weak. I can't act peachy. I feel so humiliated, which is not good. I am kind of weak chick. I really want to have more confident (can I buy it somewhere?) If you ever saw me, you'll know that I am kind of weak, shy, and stressful person. I mess up everything. But, that is what we life for as a teenage right? Being wrong is not bad at all. Life is practice to make something better. We have the different idea about this something. What is the problem if we have different act?

All I want to say is I don't care about what the other think about me (maybe yes for a little).

By the way, I really want to make a zine. A personal zine. Wish me luck, people!


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