am i obsessed? i don't know really.

/ 10.05.2011 /
when i think i like a boy but actually it's not. when i wanna buy a book but actually i'm not. when i really want to cut my hair but actually i don't. life is hard, see?

my life is gonna be right, i guess. i know how to do with my panic-attack, also the drama behind it. the time when i should study but actually i wasn't, then i'll regret if i typed the wrong answer into my paper. i don't regret why i didn't study, i regret why i wrote the wrong answer. ha! many times, i become hard on my self. but the other time i love myself so much and i'll give my body extra sleep which means less study time. in the morning, i feel so fresh. just like sunflower!

by the way, i really want this hair-cut

Kelly Framel of the Glamourai

this bang :

Yves Saint Laurent's fall 2006 via Sea of Shoes

and the glasses, please. it is, absolutely, Rayban.

okay, i want the ice cream too, right now. Jane via Sea of Shoes

i told my friend that i wanna be a stylist, or editor. then she said, " are you sure? you're ......." oh girl, i know what you mean. i dress up so casual everyday at uni which is kinda boring. this month, i have a style diary. i do not wanna wear the exact same combination. previous month, i am so lazy to think and ended up to wear the same combination again and again. jeans + shirt + casual shoes. nothing interesting. so, i'll challenge myself. i'll dress up better. not to be too casual, i hope. casual is boring.

life should not be boring. so, challenge yourself with something fun!


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