suddenly, the cheesy attack came in the noon

/ 10.21.2011 /
dear, shop keeper (or whatever you call it). can you just be nice when you do not have what i want to buy? can you just put on smile and say, "sorry, you're not lucky today. maybe you'll come back there and be the lucky girl that day." it is so simple to be nice to your customers!

i was okay this morning. very okay. i read Rookie, watched Hole on youtube, and happy plus angry (oh my, Courtney Love you rocks!) then i went to uni. and the cheesy attack came.
after the class, i took a ride. went around. then, i thought that i should buy the camera! (can you see that i am a spontaneous person?) canon sx130is tease me a lot recently. i googled the shop first. then i went to mall. there are two shops that sell camera, but they do not have canon sx130is! then, i found myself obsessed. i went to four another shops (at another place, another mall, another street) and found nothing. then, i called two shops by phone and got nothing (google, thanks! you save my time).
at the first shop, they have sx150is. but, i didn't want it. i just look at this video and think that he is so cool (would you be my man, Johannesvan?) also he like this song too. he is so cute! (actually, he makes me remember about a boy, at my uni. he is such a geek in a good way). okay, my point is i wanna buy canon sx150is.

Hole is great and cool and great and cool and cool!!! i like this video so much. the colors, the road, the emotions, the dress (yeah you, Melissa Auf der Maur), the palm tree, the fire, the beach, the red lips, the Love! okay, this is time to screen-capturing! (big thanks to PhotoScape).



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