you got me in the rain

/ 11.02.2011 /
On the radio
We heard November Rain
That solo's really long
But it's a pretty song
We listened to it twice
'Cause the DJ was asleep

(On The Radio - Regina Spektor)

today is such a happy day. yesterday, i downloaded iTunes and felt so happy about it. this iThing is so cool! and the rain. i really like rain. everyday is a rainy day here. and i am happy about that.

From Ciciero Lookbook. (oh, i didn't notice their pose! the rule : place your hand around your face. touch your hair or glasses!)

and i got something that i really want last night. satchel! finally i have one. it come from Ciciero. i really recommend this store. the owner is nice, and we have the same nickname! (hi, Mbak Dini! happy birthday to you. xx) so funny. if you read my blog from very beginning, you'll realize that i am obsessed with this bag. you can read it here. i decided to get yoland black instead of the brown. first impression : it is shiny! but that is not a problem at all. i really like the satchel. and, the material is so great. i call it 'special suede for me'. you can't ask more because it is very great. Mbak Yuri made review about Ciciero bag too. and she also said that the material is very good. so, you should have no doubt about the quality. by the way, Vicky is awesome too! i choose dark brown. one, please.
talking about satchel, i have long story about it. long story short, i waste my time looked for satchel. from google (yeah, i am biggest google fan), and multiply. there is nothing as good as Ciciero. really. i am not lying. i waste my last holiday. it was about 2 months. and several weeks before that. by the way, if you looking for branded bags or shoes, better not to go to multiply. there are a lot of fake bags and shoes. kw is fake, darling. do you get it so far? i am so sad when i saw fake stuff, literally everywhere. do you know that in Hong Kong they burn it? yeah, that fake stuffs. they burn it! how can you interest to buy one (or some)? there is a lot of affordable stuff here. since everybody scream,  "we love local product" i found many great things. i have told you. you can read it here. that is only several of great local brand, you can find more local brand at @inabizz.
i really like to buy from online shop now. the moment when i wait for the stuff. the happiness when the stuff was arrived. when i tried it on for the very first time. and my love is keep growing for this stuff. maybe i should make online store too. but i don't know. have my own shop. that is one of my passion, by the way.


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