the sweet boy is exist. surprised!

/ 11.30.2011 /

i read that there are many bad boys in this world (thanks, internet!). then, i have no idea about it now. i know some boys who really love their girlfriend and do literally everything to please their girlfriend. i always think that it is so sweet. then i asked him, "you're so kind to her. how can you be like that?" he replied, "i have commitment with her. i want this relationship is forever". actually i forgot how exactly what he said, but he said something kinda like that. don't you think that it is the best thing ever? that boys finally have commitment and declare to the world that they really love girls, just like they love games? (almost boys, do love games. many boys have commitment to be gamer to death). i had met so many jerks before, so i am kinda surprised when i met (finally) nice boys. very nice, that they don't wanna hurt girls.
by the way, i also made collage for SPARK. here is it:

both pictures from Retrospace, the lace (!) background is mine.
far left : Mathilda (Natalie Portman) at Leon the Professional, burn book, photo from The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, also Regina, Gretchen and Karen from Mean Girls.

i have these pictures since i was at high school. so, please tell me the credits.

making collage is very fun! maybe i should many more. but i am afraid that i do not have plenty of time to do everything that i want also everything that i should and must do. now, i always think that 24 hours a day is not enough. i need more time. my life is crazy here (not as crazy as Lindsay Lohan of course). 


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