The Day When Happiness is Forever

/ 11.26.2011 /
the day is today. i don't know, everything seems very right for today. i met my friends from middle school. i went to my favorite place, ate my favorite meal, talked about everything. and the big news come from the zine. i had talked about it before. how i was very excited. yes, i am very excited. and today, we are officially on twitter which make us a step closer. closer to our dream.

When we are dreaming alone, it is only a dream
When we are dreaming with others, it is the beginning of reality
Dom Helder Camara 

i was freaking afraid if the zine can't be on time. i am crazy with the deadline and time that left. i am crazy to wait the articles (yes, i still wait it. and it drives me crazy whenever i think about it and the time that left and something in between). the fact is i am obsessed with the zine. obsessed until i can't think about anything else clearly (maybe) (i am pretty sure. okay, half sure). mother of a friend thought that i was crazy to make this zine. she expected me to study a lot i guess. but i am not. i am not study enough these days which makes me freak out. but i can't. there is only 15% left for everything, and 85% for the zine (still half sure, but i think about it a lot, okay?)

here is it, cover of the zine

lovely right? photographed by Golda Florencia edited by me and Dwi Nawang W.

i am thankful to my friends that help and support me a lot. i really love you, friends. by the way, the zine named SPARK. how beautiful is that!

I heard a spark, something that glowed hundred feet higher
I opened my eyes when there is light to see if I'm closer
Spark - The Bird and The Bee

you should be hear about us now. do you see the glow?


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proudly present
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