Too Late To Postpone

/ 1.20.2012 /
hi from me at 11.23 pm.

how's life, people? i have big big terrific day now, and that's all because of me being procrastinator. i curse myself! by the way, that is SPARK. surround with Dreamiy photographs.

i should study from 6 hours before, but i am a huge procrastinator so i haven't yet. i know that i should start now, but i should finish this post first. thanks God, i am not even sleepy. maybe that is because i am listening to The Runaways. i watched the movie several days ago, and just download the album. this album is so great! i think i'll download more.

oh, that things makes me remember about my friend who shocked that i like this kind of music.
Friend : Are you sure that you listen to this? (i played Hole)
Me : Yeah, why?
Friend : I don't know. I just don't get it.
Me : But now, you should get it. I really like Hole.

sometimes, people just do not life by society standards. when you expect me to like Justin Bieber, i just can't. i even can't pretend to like him. sorry. i don't know, but maybe many people like Bieber because of their friends. they are kind of oh-my-gosh-all-of-my-peers-like-Bieber-and-i-should-like-him-too-because-everybody-does. i think that is so silly to like singer that actually you're not even want to hear the song more than 5 times. but i don't wanna be rude here. Bieber is OK, he have talents (that i don't!). i think i should shut up and start studying.


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