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/ 1.30.2012 /
Long sleeve : Uniqlo. Outer wear : Mia Mail. Jeans : Spyderbilt. 

Actually, it is in the middle of my exams week. And I feel so sick about that. I mean, I am bored with too many tests. Every week, I got (at least) a test, sometimes two, or even three. I am so mad to myself why I can't get enough attention to my study. Why I can't study well? Because I am an A+ Procrastinator (not good!).

I am a better student a year ago. I think I am bored with everything college related recently. And I think I should quit. Being a quitter is not the only answer if I think about my condition clearly. I mean, HOW IF everything, at least, gonna makes me bored? HOW IF this place is made for me actually? HOW IF my life gonna be more miserable? BUT HOW IF I have more more fun things out there? HOW IF I meet many great persons that gonna makes my life better? HOW IF I'll be surround with creative people? And how if I just die and everything end and no more thinking about everything. Being over thinking person is the last thing that you wanna be (believe me!). I hate being over thinking like this. But in this world, I really really like myself better that anyone else (who want to do that if not yourself?)

I want to make alter ego. So, here I am. I think that is better to be person that I want to be without worrying the effect about what I was talking about at real life. Maybe I am little bit late, but whatever. I'll trying to make it.

So, HI PEOPLE. I come from nowhere. Maybe from one hole of the internet. But, who cares? I am not.

See? College makes me crazy like I should stop thinking about it anymore. Geez. I don't care.

So, here is what I wore to college the previous days. I stay so casual because I can't be dress up crazily at my real life? Why? Because it is real life when gossiping is real. Gossiping is real at my real life. I hate it.

Because my life is more boring rather than fun. So, I'll make some fun things here. See ya!



{ Maria Garcia Pita } on: February 10, 2012 at 7:43 AM said...

so cool the photos :) and thanks so much for the comment, i hope you liked my blog and if you are interested to follow i will be glad. I never listen Azure Ray, but i'm gonna check in youtube. kisses**

{ Lidia } on: February 12, 2012 at 3:35 AM said...

The first one is my favorite, I hope you like my blog and thanks for offer to me about the collaboration but in this moment i'm not interested!

{ Sofie } on: February 12, 2012 at 3:59 AM said...

great outfit, you look adorable! love the top! ♥

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