Sky. Dance. Sea.

/ 5.22.2011 /

Everyday I look at the sky. Then I feel in peace. But sometimes it freak me up if dark cloud is come. I'll be in hurry then, to avoid rain. When I was a child I like walk in the rain, but now I am not too like it. I am afraid if I get cough. I am very easy to be ill right now. Not good.

by Andreia Takeuchi
  But this picture makes me remember that sometimes take a deep breath and feel the sky is a simple way to feel that I am so lucky to be in this world. I met my lovely friends. I met may wonderful things. I am not Alice in Wonderland. But, there, in my life, I met many things I really like. Maybe yours is more interesting but for me, mine is the best. (You should think about it too, so we are not jealous each other).

by Andreia Takeuchi
 When I was in a joy, I'd danced a lot at my room :)

by Andreia Takeuchi
 I really wanna go to the sea. Last time I did it about a years ago. I remember that I really loved the journey to the sea that time. I really miss it.

PS. I am on exam week now. So, wish me luck! Thank you, lovely.



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