Why Don't You Think of Black?

/ 5.26.2011 /

I think, black is my color today.

Mariacarla Boscono via Vanessa Jackman

Loafer! There, loafer is a formal shoes that wear by teacher. That's true. Actually I have one. I got it from my sister. When I used it, everybody just gonna thought that I dress up too older. So, I really rare wear it. But my loafer shoes is a comfort one.

Shu Pei via Vanessa Jackman

This is my kind of cool! Effortless but very very cool. And the shoes is very cool too! Great combination.

via Vanessa Jackman
 I used to style my hair like this when I  was child. But this hair-style doesn't makes this girl look childish. I think that is because her Channel chain bag.

Black is a universal color. It told many means. Sad, angry, happy. Just styled it on a right mood. All black is never wrong. It is kind of cool. Also, it makes you look like lady! I am so obsessed to be a lady. I'll be a nice lady of course.

I did my last exam day a very very very bad things. First, I was late (I really avoid to be a late-person. I hate it). I thought my exam start at 8, but it was 7.30. I was late for 10 minutes. Second, I thought it end at 9.30, but it was 9! The last 5 minutes is like a rush-rush-rush-rush-rush minutes. I had answer the questions, but I wasn't copy it into the answer-paper. I am so pathetic! 
I wish I am not make wrong answer into my answer-paper! I wish I am not. 
Then I go home in a rush. I really need my room. I always feel better in my room. Today isn't over, so I look for something interesting and heal my bad feeling.

I wish your day is much better than mine. And wish me get A, all the time :)



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