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/ 5.28.2011 /
Simple. Chic. Sweet.

In my reality, be simple is a must. I am not doing something that too overwhelmed. I do not have many time for it. But if I have, better I stay simple to avoid people stares. I am such a shy girl, but not at all. Ha! Be a fashionista that follow trend all the way seems not allowed at my circle-life. I am not a follower, really. Sometimes (or many times) I really wanna wear heels to college, but almost I didn't. As a college-girl this is so difficult to be focused on my study. There are many tease things out there. I can't not tease. It is very difficult. Actually, I am on my process to be 'human'. To be accepted, to be kind, to be loved.

Claire Healy via Vanessa Jackman
White dress. Many people told that white dress is a must. But not for me. In my life, jeans is a must. You can't survive in this world without jeans :) The black shoes makes me remember about this :

Florence Black - Flats for Jade

Claire Healy via Vanessa Jackman
I saw many bloggers (almost of them) love to wear short (really short, I think) pants and mini skirt. Mini skirt and a-really-short-pants plus heels makes your feet looks extra longer. Claire's shoes is Moheda. 
It is similar to this:

The Multistrapes Clogs in grey - Retail Therapy
 At my country, people speak of trend "LOVE LOCAL PRODUCT". That is great, very very very great. Local artist can survive in fashion-earth without worry anymore. Their customer is welcomed local product as well. Pssst, Indonesian people is very consumptive. 

If you have a passion in fashion, now you should speak up.



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