i am not such a popular girl among my life, but i enjoy my life

/ 9.13.2011 /
Why everybody want to be popular? I am not. Popular means you'll see your face at the gossips news on tv which is not good (is it only me who think that privacy is important? because yes it is). Popular girls mean bunch of girl who gossip so much, more nice to boy than girl, very obsessed to be beautiful, do not care about school so much (she is popular, just pick rich boy. and the end for college). Okay, maybe I am just rude or something. Movies tell me that, okay? (hey, Mean Girls!)
Do you know about Rookie Mag? You really should read it. I never read Sassy (if watch at Tavi's is not count), but I think rookiemag.com is very Sassy. The pictures, layout, pictures again is so vintage. I am not a vintage expert, but I know a little (I know Coco Chanel, Audrey Hepburn. You should count it!).
Several days ago, I and my friend, Mila, watched Daria together at youtube. I like Daria (you know, I am kind of minority person), but she doesn't. 
Mila : Life to be Daria should be boring (look at her face, no expression).
Me : That is not a problem. She is smart!
Mila : You mean nerd?
Me : She read a lot. So what? That is good!

At my long holiday, I am about Daria and Wednesday Addams. I am trying to have no expression at my face but it is fail. I can't! I'll laugh so hard when I do that (I am kind of easy laugh person). See? Daria is so cool! Orange shirt, green blazer, black skirt, and a Doc! This thing make me about Mia Thermopolis of Princess Diary.
Talking about Wednesday Addams, actually I want to wear black dress plus collar!This collar thing-y is stuck on my head (this is because of you, Miu Miu Spring 2010).


Wednesday Addams.



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