i got myself bleed and cry and hurt

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back to school vibe

clockwise : (1) Fall 2011, (2, 3) Spring 2011, (4, 5) Resort 2012

dress-y and beautiful

Fall 2011

how to describe something perfect? this is the answer

Spring 2012

all pictures from Jason Wu edited with Photofiltre.

Oh my, Jason Wu you are so awesome! 
First, I noticed him when Vogue featured him at August 2010 issue. Maybe I read his name somewhere before, but I forget.
His collection is great! Chic-but-not-at-boring-way. He can make something that make me want it, like a kid want candy. Yeah, candy. That sweet things. Sweet baby, sweet. Until it makes your tooth sick, just like my heart. Although I am obsessed to Miu Miu Spring 2010 (so obsessed until I can't think another thing previous weeks).

How can I life without beautiful clothes? I can actually, but in a different way. A way so different.


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