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/ 11.25.2011 /
Last week, I watched Somewhere. You can guess that I love Elle Fanning then. There is something deep in this feeling. Johnny Marco is the center of this movie. I don't know, but he is kind of confused man I guess. I think he is not ready to have commitment, but he has daughter. There are some times, when he and Cleo (Elle Fanning) was in the car and he asked Cleo is there any car which follow them. I think, he asked that because he had nothing to do else to speak with his eleven years old daughter. It is pathetic actually. I have some times when I don't know what should I talk about to my dad. But I'll end up asking what is he watching in TV. Yeah sometimes dad-daughter thing-y can be confusing.
So, with Somewhere thing-y still stuck in my mind, I went to Looklet. And here is what I did.

Look closer, and you'll find love.

Also, if you're really smart you can guess that i love Sofia Coppola to death. The soundtracks, oh my gosh, are very cool and awesome and brilliant and cool and cool again. Cool - Gwen Stefani and I'll Try Anything Once - The Strokes are my favorite forever. I think I really should go SOMEWHERE.


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