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/ 11.02.2011 /
I had some brand new shoes
They were all red but they gave me the blues
And they're runnin' away, they left me a letter
It's just like you told me it'd be
It's nothin' nothin' nothin'
nothin' at all

(Brand New Shoes - She & Him)

i have shoe obsession. i wanna have many shoes (and my daddy gonna kill me before it gonna be happen). walk in shoe closet, anyone? who can resist it? okay, maybe you prefer clothes. or books. don't make joke about book worm. they are cool! and smart. and clever. and awesome!
i keep looking at Flats for Jade. so simple, clean, and polish. and cute! actually i resist something cute now, but i can't resist Flats for Jade! many of their customers said that the flats are really comfort. how can i resist it?
the bad news is they are small in size. many people give advice to take 1 size bigger than your common size. and for you who have wide legs, this shoes are so slim. maybe you should try it on first (at bazaar, or everywhere. Flats for Jade at Bandung now!) before you decide to buy.


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